Manganese phosphating

Polyax limited has introduced Manganese phosphating as a new service. The new serives is available from November 2017.


Turning is one of our main machining activities. Our bar feeding, 8-axis long lathes CNC machines can manufacture complex parts, the production of wheel-form parts are made on our high productivity robotized, 6-axis equipment.


Our centered grinding machines make possible to manufacture high-precision parts within interval of diameter 300*1000 mm. With the help of high-performance, centreless grinding machine-lines we can produce serial quantities of shaft-form components.

Induction hardening

With the innovative technology of our special induction hardening machines complicated tasks can be performed even special technology required hardening commissions, which cannot be solved with traditional (for example fix high frequency) methods.


The milling is also an important technology of our machining phases. We can undertake the production of items on our CNC machining centers within the interval of diameter 700*1000 mm.

Surface treatment - Hard chroming

The technical hard-chrome coating gives a durable surface with high hardness, which interfere the presence of rust and corrosion, decrease the damages caused by scrubbing. The construction of hard-chroming facilities internal means an imperative and great forward regarding the enlargement of our services.  
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Our large capacity, gas-shielded furnaces produced by applying the latest technologies, are enabling us to offer a wide variety of services for our customers. The most common technologies found in the industry are all available in-house such as: carburisation, tempering, quenching or nitriding. Our computer-controlled furnaces gross capacity are 3 tons. Our heat-treatment facility is complimented by a specially equipped measuring laboratory.
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